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repeater question

Here is the place to discuss and get answers around boosting WiFi signal in your RV

Moderators: Techno Eric, Techno Tami

by shoe2728 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:22 pm

I have a booster now that I hook to my laptop.Some CG require you to log in with a password no problem with my laptop.If I use a repeater, from what I understand I first have to set it up with my laptop, now will the repeater always stay online and retain the PW, so all I have to do is log onto my repeater
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by Jnsogburn » Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:39 pm

Different products may work differently (don't know) but I have a WI-FI signal booster (Ubiquity) that after the initial setup all one has to do is log into it (I use a laptop) at each CG. I then enter the CG ID and PW (if using a PW) and it creates my own secure wireless .net LAN within the RV. I can then log onto the .net with up to 10 diff devices. It does not increase the thru-put (bandwidth) as no wifi booster will, but will bring a weak CG signal into your RV and increase it significantly. I followed a blog by David Bott (Outsideourbubble.com) who did a great job demonstrating the product with a "how to" video to set it up.
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by Techno Eric » Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:49 pm

Hi Shoe,

Speaking specifically about the desktop booster and repeater that Techno Rv sells (15% off July 2015), the booster connects to the repeater, and then your devices connect to the repeater wirelessly. The booster should maintain a connection with the CG WiFi once set up, and then all you have to do is connect to the repeater and you will get the boosted signal. Like Jnsogburn said, it is not creating more bandwidth, it is assisting in reaching out and grabbing the signal, which most computer and smaller devices have a hard time with from any long distance.

Several solutions out there to consider. If you dont mind mounting a external antenna and running the line inside (most just run through a window, some RV's have ports on roof for wiring) then I would get an External booster tube:

http://www.technorv.com/RV_External_WiF ... ternal.htm

Then you would add a repeater in order to make a make a hotspot in your RV so that multiple devices can attach to the boosted WiFi. This solves the problem you spoke about on using it with multiple devices, and you do not have to hardwire into a computer.

http://www.technorv.com/WiFi_USB_Repeat ... router.htm

If you would rather not run a line from outside you can get our desktop booster, and then this would connect to the repeater, here is the desktop version:

http://www.technorv.com/Alfa_High_Power ... esktop.htm

The desktop is fine in most cases, but the external booster tube has more DB in the antenna and then by mounting it high helps as well.

Techno Eric
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by golfer1john » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:12 pm

I have an Alfa booster antenna, and have just started using my "old" Win7 laptop with the antenna on it, as a "repeater", if I understand the terminology here. You create a virtual wifi network, called a "hostednetwork" on the Win7 machine, and share the internet connection (using ICS, Internet Connection Sharing) with my new Win8 machine and her Vista machine, and our cell phones, and the tablet. It all comes with Windows, nothing extra to buy.

Thus in a park where they charge separately for each connected device, you only pay for one. There are a number of web sites with instructions for doing this. It works on Win7, but using the Win8 machine for the internet connection didn't work for me. There is actually no supported driver for my antenna on Win 8, although some people have gotten Win7 drivers to work.

The virtual network is a "home" network, so you can do file and printer sharing on it, too. Makes it much easier to move your data to a new laptop, which was my initial objective, before I learned about this other stuff. But I'm leaving some archive files on the old laptop, using it as a file server too.

It should work on Win7, following the instructions, without professional help. Troubleshooting is a different story. If it doesn't work, you will need someone familiar with networks and IP on Windows. It may be worth it for non-techies to buy a "solution", but if you can handle the installation yourself, this way is free.
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by Techno Eric » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:23 pm

Hey Golfer1john. The Alfa booster you use is not compatible with Windows 8 as you stated. If you couple the booster with a Alfa repeater then it will connect to all windows and Mac because the driver is not relavant at that point. Basically anything that can connect wirelessly could connect, ie.. Ipads, phones, laptops, etc....
For the technically proficient there is a work around on the Windows 8 for your booster to be direct wired, let me know if you are interested in it and I can post it. Your post is right on and well said, thanks for your input on all posts, very enjoyable and informative.

Techno Eric
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by Lkasper » Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:01 pm

I have a Belkin repeater that operates the same way. On Every set up on the CG wifi you can generate your own secure network and connect all your devices together including a wireless printer that no one else can access
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by TechnoPatriot » Wed May 10, 2017 7:03 pm

There is always options! download VirtualBox and create Windows VM's or Linux VMS. VirtualBox is free/open source. I use it all the time. The VM will use the hardware you are running it on or connected to it. So you could get a copy of Windows 7 (lots of sales on it right now for about $139). Install it in a VM and then hook the antenna to your laptop - and off you go.
I run a VM with WIndows 7 Pro, one with Windows XP (for using older software), and one with Linux. Once you get a VM setup like you want it with all the software you want, then you can export it as an "appliance" (an .ova file). Then you can import and stand up as many "copies" you want. And if one gets corrupted - delete it and re-import your master copy and you don't have to re-install everything.

So to use older WiFi antena's that are not supported in Win 8/10 - use a VM!
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